APPALACHIAN IRONWORKS                 Salem, Virginia
Our Helpers
A Spiral staircase on one of the
finishing jigs.  
We build the Spirals staircases
standing up.  These jigs are used
when finish welding, blasting and
Radial Grating on jig table.
Most of our Ironwork is fabricated using solid hot rolled steel. Our Standard Railing
uses a molded top rail, 1/2 inch solid square for pickets, and 1x1/2 inch channel.   
These pieces are then fit into a jig and welded together to maintain quality and
consistency.  Sometimes we have to make jigs before we can fabricate our custom
products such as radial grating for custom spiral staircase treads  this point the
metal is cut into pieces using a ban saw according to the and gates.  
Outdoor railings, spiral staircases, and fencing are all welded completely making
sure there are no areas that rain water or snow melt can penetrate.  After the
welding process we sandblast every piece of metalwork to remove the
manufacturing slag, shipping oils, and weld splatter.  This sandblasting process not
only cleans the metal, it also prepares the surface to bond with the epoxy primer.  
We use a 2 part epoxy primer with a rust inhibitor, and immediately follow with
several coats of paint.  Please see