hand forged scroll design incorporated into gate in salem va
gate in to hot tub gazebo in roanoke va next to hidden valley golf course
heart design in gate (1 of 3) on sugar loaf mountain roanoke va
gate with puppy guard, rings, and finials
art deco gate out in vinton to keep pets in
small pedestrian gate to match windows throughout house in Southmont gated community
gate in hollins with elaborate hand forged ironwork with floral design we painted in an accent color
hand forged garden gate with brass rosette and brass wire wrapped  joints
pedestrian gate at Mama Maria's in outdoor courtyardin Salem Va
brass wire accent
gate onto deck and inground pool
salem va
Old wrought iron gate from main street salem early 1900's refurbished and we fabricated matching fencing that flanked gate to enclose back deck and pool
large security gate for kennel  downtown roanoke off of salem avenue in roanoke virginia
Child safty gate to keep toddle off of stairway in roanoke virginia
Livestock gate  in a horse paddock in montgomery county
salem va gate for enrty into rose garden this latch has been fabricated for handicap access
3 leaf gate open  this gate is extremely heavy, the use of high quality hinges makes it open and close with ease  radford virginia
3 leaf garden gate  Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design
Matching pedestian gate in the Frank LLoyd Wright inspired design
heart design gate to keep pets out of family room
driveway gate fabricated with hammered stock for extra intrest squiggle finials  old southwest va
APPALACHIAN IRONWORKS                 Salem, Virginia
Gates are a fun way to add the look of wrought
iron to any space.  Please remember our gates are
NOT lightweight flimsy aluminum or tubing.  Our
gates are heavy and need adequate posts.  In new
construction, when planning for a gate such as a
driveway entrance gate you must plan for posts.  
Many times these gates are flanked with stone or
brickwork,  you will need to discuss this with your
stone mason and incorporate a metal post inside
the masonry.  If this is not done, there are this is
not done, there are still ways to hide the metal post
behind the masonry.  Even a pedestrian gate could
be too heavy, especially if it needs to be mounted
to a conventional wall it may need to be reinforced.  
We have a wide variety of automatic gate
operators from a simple hydraulic helper or pool
gate hinge that closes  every time it is opened, to
high  tech operators that you can access from
anywhere in the world by telephone.  Again
complex openers need to be planned for in
advance to prevent the need to dig through freshly
laid asphalt or newly planted landscaping.
Ironw Gate at The HOmestead Resort IN Hot Springs Va
Iron Gate at Canyon Ranch Spa The Homesteard Resort Va
Canyon Ranch Spa Iron Entrance Gate