Finishing a piece of ironwork is not only half of the fabrication process it is
also the primary role in it's longevity.  We take great care to sandblast each
piece after welding to removing all factory slag, shipping oil, and weld debris.  
This process also prepares the surface of the steel to accept the primer.  We
use a
2 part Epoxy primer that has a rust inhibitor and immediately cover
with several topcoats of paint.  
A gloss Rustoleum top coat would be recommended for most outdoor
applications.  The gloss paint has a better resistance to weather than flat or
semi-gloss paint.   We also offer
Duralast Bed liner finish that has become
very popular for outdoor use.  It has a slight texture and is not as glossy as the
Rustoleum.  We have had great success using this product on our spiral
staircases as it also creates a slip resistant surface on the treads.  
Indoor Finishes can be more creative such as faux finishes and patinas.      
Custom colors are available for an additional cost, as we would use a
tinted automotive grade paint.

Any finish should be inspected annually and touched up as scratches and
wear occur.
APPALACHIAN IRONWORKS                 Salem, Virginia