Odds & Ends
APPALACHIAN IRONWORKS                 Salem, Virginia
custom ladder to the loft of a horse barn
again    not our railings   we did hand forge the brackets to sure up  the rail
This is not our railing but we were asked to hand forge several brackets to sure it up after 30+ years of use
pizza oven door
avaiary window grating and perch
the aviary window grates   we made several sets of these for the same aviary
close up of our unique design to incorporate a stainless steel latch into the design of the hinged window grates in the avairy.  complete with rubber grommets   quite ingenious if I may boast a little
aviary window grating
tree grate inserted flush with deck
horse barn door handle  unfortunatly I have not taken a picture of the other side that is inset and can slide freely infront of the opposing door
Hardley-a-Davidson    our mascot and inspiration on mondays when we need it
wrought iron mail box   (larger than it appears)
Julin's first try at welding
Scroll bracket for granite kitchen bar counter top
(A view looking up)  shipman's ladder radial grate landing    a view of the safty gate in the door way is visable above the landing
 a couple of the garden trelises we have made  very unique  one was inspired by Japanese Coi  can you tell?
aluminum shelving in green house
Aluminum grated shelving in green house adujstable
ironwork black bat
black iron bat 2
black iron bat 3
iron shelving unit with glass shelves
Arch Trellis Hot Springs Va
The Homstead Resort Hot Springs Va