APPALACHIAN IRONWORKS                 Salem, Virginia
Here are a few pictures of some option we can add when dressing up pieces of Ironwork.   Cast
iron Shoes, Decorative Lambs Tongues,  Scrolls,  Radial Turns, Radial Grating, invisible welding,
Bull Nose Terminals, Volutes, Hand Forged Newel Posts, and Finials.
elaborate lambs tongue and shoe cover near elliston
Smith Mountain Lake  elaborate lambs tongue
hand forged newel post  roanoke 2006
monkey tail  or volute  with a hand forged post
volute or monkey tail terminal
Our No Visible welds construction using......well if you would like to know just ask    we can't just GIVE away all our secrets
bullnose terminal
90 degree radial turn
elaborate lambs tongue starkey rd.  2007
elaborate lambs tongue on top of twelve o'clock knob 2003
basket spiral
Cast Iron Shoe to cover core dilled hole or bracket and hardware
etched and hammered top rail with an elaborate lambs tongue
We have many choices in floral and other natural designs
lambs tongue using 1
picket design hand forged
picket casting design accent  (here we used 2 designs  on the same picket to create additional interest
No Visible