Steel vs. Aluminum vs. Wood
In the past 7 years there has been a dramatic increase in popularity of Ironwork.  Consequently there
have been an increase of wrought iron look -a- likes  on the market such as Aluminum and Vinyl
maintenance free product.  Say it isn't  so Joe.  Seriously tho, although Aluminum does not rust like
iron it does corrode in a process called oxidization.  Oxidization is not as obvious as rust but it can be
just as damaging, traveling under a powder coat finish until a huge paint chip falls off.
Powder coat finish has it's downfalls too.  Powder coating is a great product for many things welded
together on site.  It would, will, and does look terrible when you try and fix a scratch or scuff mark.
Wood is cheaper than Ironwork for the first 2 years.......and not nearly as attractive.
APPALACHIAN IRONWORKS                 Salem, Virginia